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Data Recovery

You have your laptop crash and die on you, scared and frustrated that you lost all your important files and pictures and music. Fear not we can help you recovery all your files 99% of the time and move it to a new drive or device and have you back up and running in no time at all.

Data can be recovered from most devices (flash drives, memory cards and your laptop, desktop computers)

Call Us today to schedule your recovery time.

Once you have had your discussion with our experts, you just need to have the devices shipped to us and we will get to work on it.


Bench Fee

Starting at $49.00 we will look at your device using precision software and our experts will let you know if its possible to do safe recovery. This is for all Service Options

Service Option 1

Recover files in case of accidental deletion $ 199 if we can recover your files, we can confirm upon initial analysis by our experts.

Service Option 2

Recover files in case of accidental deletion or system crash and corruption $ 399 if we can recover your files, we can confirm upon initial analysis by our experts.

Service Option 3

Recover files from a failed or physically damaged drive, system crash and corruption starting at $1499 quoted if we can recover your files, we can confirm upon initial analysis by our experts.

Data Recovery FAQ’s

What kinds of Data can be recovered?

We can recover all kinds of data from your precious family pictures to your collection of music and important documents. Don’t forget to provide a list of files and folders you would like us to recover

How do i get my data recovery process started?

Start by calling us and talk to our experts – (647) 428-3934 and we will determine the next steps to recovering your data. Once you ship your device to us we will do our initial review and confirm with you and suggest the right Service Option along with the exact estimate for us to begin our recovery process with our approval. We will recover you data and send back your original device back to you safely. Don’t forget to provide a list of files and folders you would like us to recover.

What will you need to recover data?

All we need is your storage device or hard drive in the case of your laptop or computer. If you are not comfortable and don’t know how to remove your Hard drive from your device Schedule a time our experts can arrange to remove the hard drive. Please do provide a list of files and folders you would like us to recover.

Wireless Networking Setup

Want to be free to take your laptop and sit on your patio and not be stuck to your desk in your home office, we can help you setup and configure your wireless system. We will set it up and make sure its secure and safe and nobody is using your internet for free without your knowledge.

Basic Setup Fee

For a single wireless setup and configuration in one site starting @ $89. If you are not sure which unit to buy we can suggest and bring along a brand new wireless unit and have our experts set it up at extra cost of the wireless unit will be added to your invoice along with setup and configuration fee. Eg: You buy a wireless unit from us costs $99 and your setup and configuration fee would be $89 so your total invoice would be $89 + $99 plus 13% HST. Setup and Connect to your Internet or Internet Modem Update your Wireless latest firmware from the manufacturer Enable security and encryption and secure it from misuse Setup the wireless password and give it your for safe keeping Enable sharing and connection with your printer. Final check test connectivity to Internet if needed.

Wireless Setup Service FAQ’s

Will you help me connect by second or third device?

Yes once the new wireless unit is setup and completed we will gladly help you connect your other working laptops or your smartphone connect to your new device as long as they are wireless capable devices that support the newer wireless bands.

Will TRUSTECH IT Services make sure my wireless is secure and safe?

Yes, all our setup and configuration is always setup for the highest level of security supported by your wireless device and matches with your laptop, computer or smartphone. No one can piggy back on your wireless and use your internet without you sharing your password with them.

Will you help setup and connect my Printer to wireless?

Yes, we can gladly help you with setting up your printer to be connected to your newly setup wireless unit, yes safe and securely as well. This is an additional service and an additional service fee of $39 will be applied to your invoice in addition to your wireless setup fee, and only if the printer can support wireless connections and can match the secure setup of the wireless unit

Virus, Malware or Spyware Removal

Virus Malware Spyware Removal

Don’t ignore viruses, malware or spyware, they may be copying and stealing your credit card and banking information.

What's included?

We will remove the infection from one laptop or computer. If necessary we will reinstall all your software. Tune up your laptop or computer

What do I need to get started?

You will need a high speed internet connection and your laptop or computer should be functional for you to get on the internet.

How much does it cost?

Total fees for complete service for one single system is $149 plus HST. Remember if you have more than one device in your office or home we would suggest you have all of them checked, its very common for one system to infect other systems within the same network when they are connected and share the network/wireless and files between them and can be lurking with no signs of infection.

What do i do next?

Call us @ 416-272-2634 and schedule your session with our experts today, don’t put this off and we treat this as a high risk emergency that puts you in the hands of hackers on the internet.

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